First 2 man V1 Rudderless team to beat Tupu’s team…$600

First 3 man V1 Rudderless team to best Tupu’s team….$400

First 4 man V1 Rudderless team to beat Tupu’s team...$200

First 2 man OC1 ruddered team to beat Tupu’s team….$300


  • Onetangi Beach Apartments accommodation for 2 nights (almost $300)

  • Motu Hoe paddle custom made by Tree Essence ($390)

  • ( outfitters) dress shirt & cufflinks (value: $270) 

  • Olympic Pool and Fitness, Newmarket, 6 months Gym and Pool membership. (value: $480)

  • Awesome dreamcatcher pendant with turquoise insert ($238) courtesy of Johnny Sherry from 

  • Personal coaching clinic for 3 hours (priceless) for 3 paddlers by Tupu.

  • Casita Miro lunch for 2 to the value of $200

  • Mens Haircut on the Island by the fabulous Andre at Preto Barbershop valued at over $40 Check out his facebool page